As history confirms, people will change their minds about almost anything, from which god they worship to how they style their hair. But when it comes to existential judgments, human beings in general have an unfalteringly good opinion of themselves and their condition in this world and are steadfastly confident they are not a collection of self-conscious nothings. (Thomas Ligotti - The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror)  

 11 -24-2019 

HUSH! Lydia Balke proudly presents:


Lydia Balke - Excuse me. Or not.   

an anthology of collapsing


2019  ¦  edition of 50 copies  ¦  218 pages  ¦ english and german  ¦  charge: 45 €

each book is low fi, handmade, unique and stuffed with stuff - such as paintings, poems, pain and propaganda 


“It wasn’t my day. My week. My month. My year. My life. God damn it.”  (Charles Bukowski, Pulp)


JETZT! Junge Malerei In Deutschland

19.9.19 - 19.1.20 | Kunstmuseum Bonn

20.9.19 - 19.1.20 | Museum Wiesbaden

22.9.19 - 19.1.20 | Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Museum Gunzenhauser


14.2.20 - 24.5.20 | Deichtorhallen Hamburg